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I lost over 4 stone

"I had never seen a nutritional therapist before seeing Lara. I went to her because I wanted to lose weight and improve my digestion. As soon as I stepped into her clinic I felt understood and supported – she helped me see that the endless possibilities to a healthier future. She crafted a personalised plan for me, tailored to my unique needs and my hectic lifestyle, which helped me lose over 4 stone – which even to this day I have managed to keep off. My confidence has improved, and I understand what I’m putting into my body so much more."

Robyn Cannon

Lara has been a lifeline

"Lara has been a lifeline. Before meeting her I was consumed by disordered eating and unhealthy habits, but I couldn't see this. She helped me face some hard truths. With her holistic approach to nutrition, the personalised nutrition plan, and her unwavering support, I have massively improved my eating habits and overall wellbeing."

Alexandra Popescu

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