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The Wellness Detective

Work with me


Achieving optimal health is like solving a puzzle

I am here to uncover the hidden clues, decode your body's unique needs, and guide you towards a life of vibrant well-being. My passion lies in investigating the intricate connections between women’s health, nutrition, lifestyle, and your individual health goals to help you get back to the healthiest, most confident version of yourself.

Women’s health matters

The statistics are alarming

In the UK, 80% of women said that they are not listened to - or not believed - by healthcare professionals. The female health gap in the UK is the 12th largest globally. Researchers at University College London found that women make fewer visits to the GP, receive less health monitoring, and take more potentially harmful medication.


Meanwhile, research shows that when it comes to pain, women in emergency departments are less likely to be taken seriously than men, and are routinely prescribed less pain medication than men after surgery. It’s for this reason that it can take 7-8 years on average for a debilitatingly painful condition like endometriosis to be diagnosed, with 40% of women needing 10 or more GP appointments before being referred to a specialist.


Are we being dramatic? Is it all in our heads? No. We are being dismissed and our health concerns minimised. And that’s not OK. 


I want to help redress this startling imbalance by working with women to understand the truth of what is happening to their bodies through thorough investigations of their symptoms, lifestyles and goals to deliver answers backed by research and evidence.

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How I can help you

My method focuses on these essential aspects of care

Expert Analysis

I will examine your current health status through a detailed questionnaire to help build a picture of your health history and craft a personalised roadmap that addresses your needs and health goals, whether that’s sustainable weight loss, eradicating abdominal pain or balancing your hormones and moods.

Uncover the culprits

I will help you identify the dietary and lifestyle factors that may be sabotaging your well-being through a symptom and food diary. I will teach you how to listen to what your body is trying to tell you.

Tailored Strategies

Armed with my detective toolkit, I will provide you with your customised plan, expertly designed to support you on your return to feeling your most vibrant self. I can advise on the best functional testing options* to help better understand the cause of your symptoms.

What's Supp?

If your programme allows it, I will share my supplement recommendations** to address your specific concerns. I only recommend pharmaceutical-grade supplements from brands that are certified with Good Manufacturing Practices and supported by scientific studies and research.

Personalised Guidance

No more cookie-cutter approaches — your unique situation deserves a unique solution. Depending on which programme you opt for and your individual objectives and goals, expect practical strategies for everything from dining out healthily and weight management, how to manage cravings, nourishing recipes and helpful e-books.

You Are Not In This Alone

As your personal health coach, I will also provide regular motivation, guidance and accountability so that you stay on track towards sustainable results and long-term success. I can help you with recipes and meal preparation, overhauling your pantry, as well as the best ways for you to move, rest, reset and manage stress (one of the biggest causes of inflammation in the body)

Insider Knowledge

Knowledge is power. I will share insightful articles, educational resources, and engaging content to make sure that you can make informed decisions, adapt your lifestyle, and reap the benefits of our work together long after the programme finishes.

*Available at an extra cost on certain plans.
**Supplements are not included in the programmes. I can share a 10 discount with you should you wish to purchase any.

My Programmes

All programmes are 12 weeks . Prices from £450


The essential tools and knowledge to kickstart your health

Empowered Progression

Additional support, resources and testing to empower you


Total Transformation

The ultimate way to transform your health and wellbeing


Not sure which package is best for you?

Let me help you decide on a free 30 minute discovery call. If you are looking for a quick fix or a one-off appointment, then I am not the expert for you. But if you are determined to improve your health and ready to commit to the process, then I look forward to working with you.

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